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EU: Stop Spain's overfishing!

Blog entry by LisaV | 4 May, 2010 2 comments

We are destroying our oceans: around 75-80 percent of the world’s fish stocks are already at dangerously low levels. And without urgent action, we may experience a future without fish. The EU, which has the third largest fishing ...

Setting sail to shut down bluefin tuna fisheries

Feature story | 15 May, 2010 at 14:00

The Rainbow Warrior is heading out to confront one of the most irresponsible and destructive fishing operations in the world. Mediterranean bluefin tuna have been exploited to the brink of extinction - making them the most visible and tragic...

Rainbow Warrior To Set Sail to Shut Down Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Press release | 15 May, 2010 at 14:07

Valetta, Malta. The Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior intends to depart tomorrow on a campaign to defend the Mediterranean and halt destructive bluefin tuna fishing operations.

When purse-seining goes bad

Blog entry by Willie Mackenzie | 18 May, 2010 5 comments

Greenpeace UK oceans campaigner Willie Mackenzie tells us what's wrong with the way most tuna are caught. Greenpeace is not against purse-seining. That may surprise some people. Sure it’s a big industrial-looking fishing operation...

Bluefin’s Mediterranean holiday romance - Will it last?

Blog entry by LisaV | 20 May, 2010 2 comments

From Willie MacKenzie, Greenpeace UK oceans campaigner. Imagine you are an Atlantic bluefin tuna. You’ve been out at sea most of the year, in cooler waters, feeding away, and you know generally getting on with being a big ol’...

It smells so fishy

Blog entry by LisaV | 25 May, 2010 1 comment

UK oceans campaigner Willie MacKenzie - tells us why we need to be picky when it comes to buying tuna. There’s a well-known model of how dodgy big business deals with campaigns against them. To summarise, it goes a bit like this:...

Where have all the tuna gone?

Blog entry by LisaV | 26 May, 2010 2 comments

The latest from oceans campaigner Willie MacKenzie in the Mediterranean.  We’re out here in the middle of the Mediterranean. But at the moment, the bluefin don’t seem to be here.  The fishing boats are here. The tugs and support...

Atlantic bluefin tuna crisis

Publication | 28 May, 2010 at 17:17

The bluefin crisis is the result of decades of destructive over-fishing by purse seine and longline fishing operations. These fishing methods, which take too many fish too fast, have left the Atlantic bluefin unable to recover, forcing...

With ICCAT in the driving seat – what hope is there for bluefin?

Blog entry by LisaV | 1 June, 2010

The latest from Willie Mackenzie - UK oceans campaigner in the Med. There’s an analogy I sometimes use to explain the problem of overfishing. Imagine you are in a car hurtling at full speed down a hillside towards a cliff.

Greenpeace takes action to stop Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Fishing:

Press release | 4 June, 2010 at 18:01

Mediterranean Sea - Greenpeace activists took direct action this afternoon to stop bluefin tuna fishing in the Mediterranean. Activists from the Greenpeace ships Rainbow Warrior and the Arctic Sunrise launched high speed inflatable boats in an...

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