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Black gold and mountain shaped clouds

Blog entry by Eoin Dubsky | 23 August, 2010

Anais takes a break from her chores on board to ponder about what's on the horizon and why we're here... There are more and more visits by our distant relatives - the whales - as we journey onwards and they are a welcome...

I want a clean world and a clean conscience.

Blog entry by LisaV | 20 August, 2010 10 comments

Victor, one of our activists on board the Esperanza, writes his second update...  Friends, we’ve now been at sea for a week. The waves have come and gone. Sometimes big, sometimes small. Right now it’s calm. But just a couple of...

Breaking our oil addiction

Blog entry by LisaV | 18 August, 2010 9 comments

Leila, Greenpeace UK climate campaigner writes from the Esperanza... After the news of The Faroe Islands calling on 'special forces' , the internet is alive with speculation about where we'll end up. The Faroes' massive...

Reflecting on the Gulf of Mexico from the North Sea

Blog entry by LisaV | 17 August, 2010 5 comments

Simran, from the US, who spent 3 weeks helping with clean-up operations for the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster - writes from on board the Esperanza... I’ve been aboard the Esperanza for several days now. Having made it through the...

Aye, these waves!

Blog entry by LisaV | 14 August, 2010 14 comments

Victor, an activist on board the Esperanza, wrote a blog for us yesterday -- while most of us were all feeling too seasick to look at a computer screen - let alone type. We left the harbour in London on Thursday at 2:30pm local...

Deploying mesocosms @ 79°N

Blog entry by LisaV | 5 June, 2010 3 comments

Janet Cotter, from Greenpeace’s Science Unit is currently on board the Esperanza on Leg 1 of the Arctic Under Pressure expedition. The ship is currently in Ny-Ålesund, in the Arctic, where Janet has been helping seagulls from ...

Leaving the Arctic under Northern Lights and shooting stars

Blog entry by LisaV | 6 September, 2010 3 comments

We had a fairly quiet weekend on board the Esperanza - especially compared to the ¨all systems go¨ mode we were in last week during the action. Yesterday Babu, our wonderful cook, had a well deserved day off and some of us volunteered...

What is Texas doing in the Arctic?

Blog entry by LisaV | 26 May, 2010 4 comments

Texas, radio operator on board the Esperanza in the Arctic ,  tells us about their journey to Svalbard and what will be happening there soon. Sunny days!  24 hours of it.  It's been like that for a week or so now but the cloud...

Arctic defenders still in police custody

Blog entry by LisaV | 3 September, 2010 3 comments

We are still waiting for our climbers to be released but hoping they will be back on board the Esperanza soon. They are sorely missed - especially Timo's lovely guitar playing in the evenings. Anais is talking about preparing a...

How an Arctic oil rush will help suffocate the planet

Blog entry by LisaV | 28 August, 2010 4 comments

Leila, climate campaigner on the Esperanza, writes from the Arctic...  Can you believe the Esperanza has been in the Arctic for a week now? When we arrived the sea was a mill pond and the sky clear and spectacularwith ...

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