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World Water Day

Blog entry by Justin | 22 March, 2010

Today is World Water Day when we remember that ‘an estimated 1.1 billion people rely on unsafe drinking-water sources’. Greenpeace is doing its part and on our website we’re highlighting World Water Toxic Hotspots . This being a...

Facebook, stay cool - just kick the coal

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 25 February, 2010

Facebook offices on University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA. Photo via Flickr Facebook’s first ever data center , full of state of the art and energy efficient equipment, will be built in Prineville, Oregon in the north west of the US.

February 18: Coal "huge" importance for Australia; India GE panel passes law

Blog entry by mwilson | 18 February, 2010

This is a trial series. Greenpeace activist at the Hazelwood coal-fired power station, Australia 2009 Photo © Greenpeace Australia's energy policy adds fuel to the fire Business Week (Bloomberg) reported yesterday ...

February 17: Greenpeace France blocks nuclear waste dumping; Canada, US expand...

Blog entry by mwilson | 17 February, 2010

This is a trial series. Greenpeace activists in France blockade a uranium cargo headed for Russia. Dumping radioactive waste in Russia Greenpeace activists in France blockaded a rail cargo of uranium waste from leaving...

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