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Fata Morgana and the agent of destruction

Blog entry by Madeleine | 1 June, 2011 7 comments

I'm Madeleine, captain of Esperanza on the Arctic oil campaign in the Greenland waters of Davis Straits. As the global climate changes, the Arctic is warming faster than any other region on earth. The result is, areas that were...

Cairn calls in the navy then wields a legal lump hammer to stop us protecting the Arctic

Blog entry by Ben Ayliffe | 2 June, 2011 23 comments

Last night, Hannah and Luke, our two brave climbers, were removed from the Arctic survival pod that had been suspended from the underside of the 53,000 tonne Leiv Eiriksson oil rig, here off the coast of Greenland, for the last...

The pod is down - but we're not out!

Blog entry by Madeleine Habib | 3 June, 2011 11 comments

Yesterday evening the Danish and Greenlandic forces moved in to remove The Pod . Through falling snow we watched as climbers descended from the Leiv Eiriksson to force our activists to end their Arctic vigil. An exclusion zone of 500m...

LIVE ACTION: Greenpeace delegation boards Arctic oil rig demanding missing spill plan

Blog entry by Nick Young | 4 June, 2011 72 comments

It never really gets dark here in the Arctic but in the soft silver light of the early morning five inflatable speedboats left the side of the Esperanza. They carried a delegation of eighteen activists and headed for the giant Leiv...

Jon Andreas Bergstrom

Image | 4 June, 2011 at 18:17

Andreas is an Arctic guide who lives in Svalbard.

Our cards are on the table

Blog entry by Mads Christensen | 6 June, 2011 22 comments

Sometimes talk is not enough. Sometimes people need to stand up and act. The oil industry has throughout history shown a lack of respect for people and the environment. Now here in the frozen north they are doing it again. Cairn...

Today we fight Cairn in court

Blog entry by Nick Young | 6 June, 2011 8 comments

Today our fight for the Arctic moves from the frozen seas of Greenland into the courts of Amsterdam and Greenland. Following our first occupation of its oil rig at the beginning of last week Cairn filed for an injunction with...

Meet the Arctic 18

Blog entry by Nick Young | 8 June, 2011

Our delegation of 18 from the Esperanza and Arctic Sunrise were arrested on board the Cairn oil rig Leiv Eiriksson on Saturday. Four days later they are still in jail. They boarded the rig to ask for Cairn’s secret Oil Spill...

Daily News: Injunction against Greenpeace fails to stop Arctic oil campaign and...

Blog entry by Kamila P | 10 June, 2011

Top News: Injunction will not hinder Greenpeace’s Arctic oil campaign; Ken and Barbie’s forest break-up saga continues; Fukushima soil too dangerous for children and pregnant women; Russia and Norway agree on Barents Sea oil...

Polar bear to starboard

Blog entry by Nick Young | 13 June, 2011 15 comments

We were trying to put two people ashore in Iqaluit - a small and isolated settlement on the East Coast of Canada. Why we were doing that is a story for another day but while we were there, something unforgettable happend. We  were...

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