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Tuna Industry "Sustainability" Group Should Act to Save the Tuna!

Blog entry by ssmith | 5 October, 2010

Below is an update from Karli Thomas, Greenpeace New Zealand oceans campaigner: The folks at the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation have  turned their attention to tuna transshipment " ISSF Urges IATTC To Fix ...

Your tuna is too cheap

Blog entry by LisaV | 4 May, 2010 4 comments

A report from the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels last week - by Willie Mackenzie, Greenpeace UK oceans campaigner. In the shadow of the improbably-shaped Atomium, thousands of people gather to buy and sell seafood. Five...

Princes responds to your letters with empty words

Blog entry by Nina Thuellen | 14 October, 2010 6 comments

Nina, Greenpeace International oceans campaigner, writes about the latest developments in our efforts to protect one of the world's most important fish. As part of our campaign to save the oceans, Princes tuna, an industry leader...

AquaBounty salmon smells fishy

Blog entry by Caroline Jacobsson | 28 October, 2011 2 comments

The thought of having fish sticks for dinner made from genetically engineered fish is rather unappetizing - so you are not likely to ever see it announced on today’s menu at your local bistro. Yet US company AquaBounty is currently...

The video the tuna industry doesn’t want you to see

Blog entry by Sari Tolvanen | 17 November, 2011 8 comments

For over a decade, I’ve been working around the world to protect the oceans and for the last five years, I’ve been focused on protecting the Pacific. The world’s largest ocean, the Pacific is home to nearly 70% of the world’s tuna .

Daily news: Japan sacks top nuclear officials; Chocoholic fish kicks the habit

Blog entry by MaeveS | 4 August, 2011

© Noriko Hayashi / Panos / Greenpeace Top news: Japan fires top energy officials in response to the Fukushima disaster; Cairn Energy fails to find oil in the Arctic; Britain announces the closure of Sellafield MOX plant; A fish...

Underwater shot showing fish swimming among

Image | 31 May, 2008 at 21:33

Underwater shot showing fish swimming among coral reefs at the bottom of the sea.

Alaska pollock

Image | 19 September, 2009 at 22:35

Size matters

Image | 21 July, 2008 at 2:00

Size matters - Greenpeace Greece investigation into the undersized fish market.

Fish from the North Sea is sold at a retail

Image | 24 April, 2007 at 3:00

Fish from the North Sea is sold at a retail auction.

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