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Swimming in Chemicals

Publication | 25 August, 2010 at 6:00

For many years there has been growing concern over the manufacture and use of hazardous chemicals, and over the presence of many of these chemicals in the environment as a result of their release from industrial sources or from products that the...

How coal is deepening the water crisis in India

Blog entry by Subrata Biswas | 22 March, 2016 1 comment

New Greenpeace International  research released today , on World Water Day, finds that coal power plants around the world consume enough freshwater to sustain one billion people. One photographer in India documented the impacts on...

Biological Restoration of water and land

Blog entry by Rex Weyler | 10 March, 2017

According to the 2015 World Economic Forum Global Risks 2015 Report, the water crisis is the world’s #1 risk. The problem is not only the amount of water available in the world’s rivers, lakes, and aquifers, but the pollution of...

World’s coal power plants consume enough freshwater to sustain 1 billion people -...

Press release | 22 March, 2016 at 2:00

Hong Kong, 22 March 2016 - The world’s rapidly dwindling freshwater resources could be further depleted if plans for hundreds of new coal power plants worldwide go ahead, threatening severe drought and competition, according to a new Greenpeace...

World’s largest striptease challenges Adidas and Nike to Detox

Press release | 23 July, 2011 at 14:50

International, 23rd July 2011 – Today more than 600 people whipped off their clothes outside Adidas and Nike stores in 29 cities in 10 countries (1), surprising shoppers, setting the record for the world’s largest striptease and challenging the...

Water Warrior Tool kit

Background | 2 June, 2010 at 18:47

Water - though central to our lives - is the world's most threatened essential resource.

Hidden Consequences

Publication | 25 May, 2011 at 10:00

Industrial pollution is a severe threat to water resources around the world, particularly in the Global South where the view prevails that pollution is the price to pay for progress.

Little Monsters: going back to school

Blog entry by Helena Meresman | 28 August, 2014 2 comments

Back to school time is upon us again. At this time of the year parents everywhere reveal their true nature: there is the excited and optimistic kind, longing for the school activities as a relief from a busy summer; and the I-am-not...

Which fashion brands are going toxic-free?

Blog entry by Kirsten Brodde | 5 July, 2016 6 comments

It was a massive step when Adidas, Puma and Nike promised to go toxic-free by 2020. But when we turned our attention to other companies, the rest of the industry put up resistance. “It’s not feasible what Greenpeace wants us to do,”...

New clothing tests implicate global brands in release of hormone-disrupting chemicals

Press release | 23 August, 2011 at 5:01

Beijing - Manila, 23 August 2011 - The latest research into toxic water pollution released today by Greenpeace International reveals the presence of nonylphenol ethoxylates (1) in clothing items bearing the logos of 14 global brands (2),...

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