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Protest against GE Potato in Sweden

Image | 11 April, 2010 at 15:23

11 April - Sweden. An activist wearing a bee-costume in a protest against the farming of GMO potatoes. Sign the petition .

GE-Free Future Tour - next stop France

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 9 April, 2010 4 comments

April 09, 2010: Italy The GE Free Future bus is crossing the beautiful Italian countryside, on its way to the French-Italian border, roughly 750 km to the north. At a quiet pace of 80 km/h it will take us approximately 10 to 12...

April 9: 'Russia is not a nuclear dump'; Nestlé learning social media etiquette

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 9 April, 2010 1 comment

04/08/2010 Greenpeace is calling for an end to the dumping of nuclear waste in Russia. Another action took place yesterday in the North Sea in Belgian waters, publications De Morgen and Het Laatste Nieuws from Belgium report.

GE-Free Future Tour - Hungary part 3

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 8 April, 2010 1 comment

April 2: Street activity in Budapest on Good Friday 02/04/2010 Greenpeace GE campaigner for Hungary, Balazs Tomori (R) speaks to the press about the campaign for a GE Free Future. On Good Friday the GE-Free Future bus was the...

Driver shops organic in Budapest

Image | 7 April, 2010 at 22:57

Driver and logistics co-ordinator Jean-Jaques Schweinzfeier shops for organic fruit in Budapest, a stop for the GE Free Future Bus. The Greenpeace bus is on tour around Europe - calling for a moratorium on all genetically engineered produce in...

GE-Free Future Tour - Hungary

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 7 April, 2010

March 31: How to protect genes and nature? – a good example from "The Puszta" After a long, exhausting journey, the GE-Free Future bus tour arrived to Hungary in the evening of 29th of March with its’ enthousiastic crew: Emma,...

GE-Free Future Tour - Afternoon in Luxembourg

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 31 March, 2010

25 March: Special "sight"-seeing The GE-bus driving through the European countryside You could think we were collecting signatures, photos and videos all the time and had no possibility at all to get to the must-see parts of the...

Tractor Driver in Hungary

Image | 31 March, 2010 at 15:30

Mezo Jozsef is a tractor driver at Hortobagyi Gemmegorzo non-profit Ltd. The farm is an organic farm in the buffer zone of the Hortobagyi national park which preserves the genes of traditional Hungarian animals. They also produce food for human...

Bayer punished in order to deter GE field trials

Blog entry by danielkramb | 16 March, 2010 2 comments

Greenpeace supporters and local farmers are harvesting the black rice variety of organic rice in Ratchaburi. © Greenpeace / Athit Perawongmetha Last week was a tough one for companies pedaling GE crops across the world. Monsanto ...

March 11: Greenpeace France block nuclear cargo

Blog entry by mwilson | 11 March, 2010 1 comment

Greenpeace activists last night blocked a cargo of dupleted uranium going from France to Russia. © Pierre Gleizes Fifteen Greenpeace activists last night blocked a train carrying depleted uranium from leaving Val-de-Mar in France,...

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