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Leaving the Arctic under Northern Lights and shooting stars

Blog entry by LisaV | 6 September, 2010 3 comments

We had a fairly quiet weekend on board the Esperanza - especially compared to the ¨all systems go¨ mode we were in last week during the action. Yesterday Babu, our wonderful cook, had a well deserved day off and some of us volunteered...

Arctic defenders still in police custody

Blog entry by LisaV | 3 September, 2010 3 comments

We are still waiting for our climbers to be released but hoping they will be back on board the Esperanza soon. They are sorely missed - especially Timo's lovely guitar playing in the evenings. Anais is talking about preparing a...

What is Texas doing in the Arctic?

Blog entry by LisaV | 26 May, 2010 4 comments

Texas, radio operator on board the Esperanza in the Arctic ,  tells us about their journey to Svalbard and what will be happening there soon. Sunny days!  24 hours of it.  It's been like that for a week or so now but the cloud...

Kumi's commitment

Blog entry by Madeleine Habib | 20 June, 2011 1 comment

Captain of  the Esperanza, Madeleine Habib shares with us what it was like onboard in the hours leading up to Kumi Naidoo's boarding of the Arctic oil rig Leiv Eiriksson ... Finally, we had Kumi Naidoo on board Esperanza. ...

Greenpeace activists stop oil drilling for second time in one week

Blog entry by Nick Young | 4 June, 2011 34 comments

Just before being arrested today, Greenpeace oil campaigner Ben Ayliffe radioed the nearby Greenpeace ship Esperanza from the oil rig he and 17 activists had boarded : “We have met with the drill manager and requested a copy of the...

Life on the Esperanza in the Arctic

Blog entry by Martin | 2 June, 2011 5 comments

I'm writing this in my bunk onboard the Greenpeace ship Esperanza, which is currently involved in action against Cairn energy's reckless attempts to drill for oil in the pristine Arctic waters around Greenland's breathtaking...

Swimming against the tide - the things people do to stop deepwater drilling

Blog entry by Leila Deen | 28 September, 2010 6 comments

I've spent the last 46 hours getting in and out of a big red survival suit. It's made out of the thickest wetsuit material and makes me look like a telly-tubby. I can't really move my hands, or arms, or feet, or turn my head, or speak,...

The pod may be down, but we're not done yet.

Blog entry by James | 25 September, 2010

After 100 incredible hours on Chevron’s anchor chain our occupation is over. The pod has come down. But we’re not leaving Shetland, yet. I just got back from watching Timo and Naz lower the half-tonne pod, where with help from...

Ship blog: The good, the bad and the ugly

Blog entry by James | 23 September, 2010 2 comments

Well the good news is that our occupation of Chevron’s deepwater drill ship has reached the end of its third day and is still going strong.  Timo and Naz are currently up in the pod and the word from them is that they could hardly...

Caption contest: The Pod

Blog entry by JulietteH | 23 September, 2010 13 comments

The story: Greenpeace campaigners who yesterday stopped the Chevron's Stena Carron oil platform from leaving Scotland to drill a deep water well have attached a purpose-built reinforced "survival pod" to its huge anchor chain and say...

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