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Talking tuna

Blog entry by LisaV | 29 January, 2011 1 comment

Karli Thomas, oceans campaigner with Greenpeace since 2005, discusses the worldwide decline of tuna and other fish stocks on Radio New Zealand . Click below to listen.   Take Action: Write to Princes ,...

Exciting times in Taiwan - defending the Pacific

Blog entry by Ronetava Ronaivakulu | 25 January, 2011 7 comments

Bula again, this is Ron, a Pacific activist onboard the Greenpeace flagship, The Rainbow Warrior. We are currently moored in Kaohsiung City in Taiwan. The last few days have been really hectic but full of excitement and such an...

UN Biodiversity Summit Closes: Sayonara, Nagoya

Blog entry by Nathalie Rey | 29 October, 2010

Nathalie Rey (left) briefs reporters before the close of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Nagoya, Japan After two weeks of negotiations, this CBD COP has concluded and not without some last-minute drama. Unsurprisingly, a...

Japanese Government Lagging at UN Biodiversity Summit

Blog entry by Wakao Hanaoka | 26 October, 2010 3 comments

Wakao Hanaoka (left) briefs journalists at the Convention on Biological Diversity meeting in Nagoya, Japan Today, the Greenpeace delegation at the CBD summarized what has been happening here in Nagoya and reiterated our demands...

Week 2 at UN Biodiversity Summit: Hope for the World's Oceans

Blog entry by Sofia Tsenikli | 24 October, 2010 2 comments

Sofia Tsenikli In Nagoya, Japan for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity meeting. I am just back to my room after our Greenpeace coordination meeting where we regrouped and set our plans for the week to come- the final week...

UN Biodiversity Summit Update: I've Got Criteria and I'm Not Afraid to Use Them!

Blog entry by Richard Page | 22 October, 2010 2 comments

Richard Page (left) discusses Greenpeace's Emergency Oceans Rescue Plan with a delegate at the Convention on Biological Diversity in Nagoya, Japan So today is my last day in Nagoya doing my bit to try and make sure that the ...

Projecting Change at Biodiversity Meeting in Japan

Blog entry by Kaoru Narisawa | 20 October, 2010 2 comments

In the opening ceremony of the CBD here in Nagoya, Japan, Japanese Environment Minister Matsumoto (also chair of the conference) reminded delegates that biodiversity is the legacy we will leave our children. Greenpeace is here at CBD...

Defending Our Pacific at the UN Biodiversity Summit

Blog entry by Seni Nabou | 19 October, 2010 2 comments

As a Pacific Islander, attending large political conferences like the CBD can be overwhelming. Back home in Fiji, I wear sandals every day, so running around in heels while carrying bags filled with documents and computers is hard...

Hoping for a Rescue Plan at UN Biodiversity Summit

Blog entry by ssmith | 18 October, 2010

Steve holding a banner that says "Marine Reserves Now!" A global network of marine reserves covering 40% of our oceans can help restore them to health. We all know that life on Earth is struggling to survive in the face of so...

How seafood markets can help save Antarctica's Ross Sea

Blog entry by Osvaldo Gago | 5 August, 2010 2 comments

Let your imagination take you to the Antarctic: a cold, windy and inhospitable region inhabited by some of our planet’s most unique and spectacular living creatures. The Antarctic region’s Southern Ocean is one of the most pristine...

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