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Oil spills - Philippines, Indian Ocean and Lebanon

Feature story | 18 August, 2006 at 2:00

Oil is harmful to the environment every step of the way. It leaks from pipelines, spills from ships, creates smog in our cities, and is heating up our planet. Marine ecosystems already stressed by over fishing and destructive fishing practices,...

The writing is on the wall as Kumi Naidoo is released from jail and deported

Blog entry by Nick Young | 21 June, 2011 9 comments

Today Kumi Naidoo, the global head of Greenpeace, has been deported from Greenland after four days in jail for his part in a month of direct action on Cairn Energy's Arctic oil rig Leiv Eiriksson.  Kumi, like the other 20...

What the judge said

Blog entry by Nick Young | 10 June, 2011 22 comments

Over the past few weeks we’ve been campaigning to stop risky oil drilling in the Arctic – by taking direct action up here off the Greenland coast and by shining a light on Cairn Energy’s failure to publish its oil spill response plan...

Injunction will not stop Arctic oil campaign

Blog entry by Nick Young | 9 June, 2011 22 comments

The Arctic 18 have now been in a Greenland jail for 5 days after being arrested for boarding the Cairn oil rig here in the Arctic looking for its elusive oil spill response plan. Today the Dutch court granted the injunction...

Meet the Arctic 18

Blog entry by Nick Young | 8 June, 2011

Our delegation of 18 from the Esperanza and Arctic Sunrise were arrested on board the Cairn oil rig Leiv Eiriksson on Saturday. Four days later they are still in jail. They boarded the rig to ask for Cairn’s secret Oil Spill...

Oil company's lawsuit against Greenpeace backfires

Blog entry by Nick Young | 6 June, 2011 29 comments

Update from Andrew in Amsterdam: Just want to add something our legal team told me about... Tzeporah was Tweeting updates during the hearing. At one point Cairn's lawyers noticed and said to the judge, "Your honor, I have to...

Today we fight Cairn in court

Blog entry by Nick Young | 6 June, 2011 8 comments

Today our fight for the Arctic moves from the frozen seas of Greenland into the courts of Amsterdam and Greenland. Following our first occupation of its oil rig at the beginning of last week Cairn filed for an injunction with...

Greenpeace activists stop oil drilling for second time in one week

Blog entry by Nick Young | 4 June, 2011 34 comments

Just before being arrested today, Greenpeace oil campaigner Ben Ayliffe radioed the nearby Greenpeace ship Esperanza from the oil rig he and 17 activists had boarded : “We have met with the drill manager and requested a copy of the...

LIVE ACTION: Greenpeace delegation boards Arctic oil rig demanding missing spill plan

Blog entry by Nick Young | 4 June, 2011 72 comments

It never really gets dark here in the Arctic but in the soft silver light of the early morning five inflatable speedboats left the side of the Esperanza. They carried a delegation of eighteen activists and headed for the giant Leiv...

Life on the Esperanza in the Arctic

Blog entry by Martin | 2 June, 2011 5 comments

I'm writing this in my bunk onboard the Greenpeace ship Esperanza, which is currently involved in action against Cairn energy's reckless attempts to drill for oil in the pristine Arctic waters around Greenland's breathtaking...

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