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Stories from the Rainbow Warrior: Episode 1

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 16 October, 2011 5 comments

Pablo Bullrich is one of our "New Hands on Deck" -- young activists who are joining the Rainbow Warrior III's maiden voyage. This is the first episode of a web video mini-series, Stories from the Rainbow Warrior , where you can join...

Maiden voyage of the Rainbow Warrior

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 21 October, 2011

View "The maiden voyage of the Rainbow Warrior: New Hands on Deck" on Storify Keep up to date on the Maiden voyage by "Liking" the New Hands on Deck Facebook page. Catch our web video series "Stories from the Rainbow Warrior" and...

Harmony on the mast of the Rainbow Warrior III

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 23 October, 2011 6 comments

More than 3,000 supporters have visited the Greenpeace ship in Hamburg over the weekend as we held an open boat to say "thank you" to the donors who have made the world's first crowd-funded, purpose-built, hyper-efficient activist...

Behind the scenes & below the deck

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 24 October, 2011 2 comments

In addition to the regular crew sailing aboard our shiny new flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, we've got some New Hands on Deck, and they're going to take you on a journey behind the news, below the decks, and some places that have so far...

Stories from the Rainbow Warrior: Episode 5

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 12 November, 2011 1 comment

Rien Achterberg has seen Greenpeace ships come and go for 38 years. He was aboard the first Rainbow Warrior when she was bombed in Auckland harbour by French agents trying to foil our campaign against nuclear weapons testing in the...

Stories from the Rainbow Warrior: Jailhouse Rockstar

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 14 November, 2011 10 comments

He infiltrated the Greenpeace ship Esperanza masquerading as an assistant cook. Nobody knew, nor were they supposed to know, his true identity.  Spy? Provocateur? Nope. In this case, it was a rock star.  When Paul Simonon, former...

Radiohead's Thom Yorke: "This is no hippy tugboat"

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 15 November, 2011 13 comments

When we heard that Thom Yorke was going to be aboard the Rainbow Warrior from Amsterdam to London, you could spot the Radiohead fans: they were the ones who fell over onto the helideck like planks. OK, I exaggerate. One hit that...

Stories from the Rainbow Warrior: A Cree Prophecy

Blog entry by Brian Fitzgerald | 16 November, 2011 2 comments

Harmony Lambert, one of our New Hands on Deck , was raised in the Chamush Native American tradition. Here she retells a Cree story of the Warriors of the Rainbow,  and talks about what it means to be an activist.   The Rainbow...

A warm welcome in a cold Stockholm

Blog entry by Birgitte Lesanner | 23 November, 2011 1 comment

The Rainbow Warrior's  fourth stop on her launch tour brought us to the capital of Sweden. She came in on a beautiful morning, with water as smooth as a mirror reflecting a low-hanging November sun. After just two hours, the quay was...

Rainbow Warrior enjoys the calm between the storms in Bremen

Blog entry by Kirstie Wielandt | 1 December, 2011

The Rainbow Warrior has returned to the Fassmer shipyard for a quick planned maintenance stop on her journey to Barcelona, for some tweaking and refinements after her first six weeks afloat. On board the transit from Stockholm was...

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