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How the toy sector and APP are responding to our Indonesia forest campaign.

Blog entry by Zulfahmi, Greenpeace South East Asia | 14 June, 2011 10 comments

It’s been a busy few days since the latest phase of our campaign to stop deforestation in Indonesia got underway. There are now signs that both Mattel and Lego are preparing to make changes in the way they buy their packaging. ...

Daily news: Milking cows produce human breast milk in China while major Belgian toy...

Blog entry by Gianluca R | 16 June, 2011 1 comment

Top news: Chinese genetic engineering produces cows giving human milk; Austria can produce 85% of energy demand with renewable by 2050; major Belgian toy retailer stops selling Mattel’s toys and asks the company for a clear information...

Companies like Mattel are still pushing Sumatran tigers to the brink

Blog entry by Phil Radford | 11 June, 2011 2 comments

Mattel's paper purchasing polices are weaker than Ken’s plastic handshake. Poor Barbie. She’s survived fifty years of bad outfits, sudden beheadings at the hands of younger brothers and the wrath of feminists everywhere.

How Barbie Broke Ken’s Heart: Her Indonesian Deforestation Habit

Blog entry by Bustar Maitar | 8 June, 2011 19 comments

Yes it’s true, Ken has dumped Barbie – he’s upset since he discovered that she’s intent on trashing rainforests and pushing critically-endangered wildlife, like tigers, towards extinction. Heartbroken Ken decided to take dramatic...

Ken’s desperate phone call to Mattel about Barbie

Blog entry by Laura K. | 5 July, 2011 77 comments

Ken’s picked up the phone. And now we’d like you to drop Mattel a call too. It’s been nearly a month now since Barbie’s secret deforestation habit was revealed to Ken in a shocking interview that has now been seen by over 1.3...

Barbie & Mattel’s deforestation habit goes ‘viral’

Blog entry by Laura K. | 15 June, 2011 15 comments

Breaking up in public isn’t easy. But Ken and Barbie, who split last week over Barbie’s rainforest wrecking, have done so in a very, very public way. Ken’s video interview that broke the scandal has now been seen over one million...

Daily news: Fukushima radioactive cloud cover up; oil spill off Indian coast

Blog entry by Gianluca R | 9 August, 2011

© Rodney Dekker / Greenpeace Top news: Oil spill from cargo ship threatens Mumbai’s coastline; French companies plan to build underwater nuclear power plants; Japan’s nuclear officials held back data about the spread of...

Barbie's rainforest destruction habit REVEALED!

Video | 6 June, 2011 at 12:56

In a recent interview Ken learns of Barbie's scandalous deforestation habit... she's been wrapping herself in rainforest destruction and pushing endangered Sumatran tigers to the brink of extinction... Find out more .

Daily News: Italy rejects nuclear power and chainsaw Barbie protests in Tel Aviv

Blog entry by Josh S | 14 June, 2011

Top News: Italian public says no to nuclear power; Barbie’s deforestation habit continues in Tel Aviv; anti-nuclear rallies in Japan mark three months since start of Fukushima nuclear disaster; Europe’s first ‘eco-mosque’ planned in...

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