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BNP told ‘play ball’ at French Masters and stop radioactive investments

Press release | 13 November, 2010 at 15:33

Paris, France, 13 November 2010 –Greenpeace activists at the French Masters’ semi-finals, demanded that the events’ sponsor international banking giant BNP Paribas “stop radioactive investments”, including plans to fund an obsolete and dangerous...

Media briefing: BNP Paribas and dangers of financing nuclear power

Publication | 21 October, 2010 at 12:22

Nuclear energy is not only the most controversial and dangerous form of energy generation, it is also one of the most expensive. To raise the many billions of euros needed to build even a single nuclear reactor, utility companies rely heavily on...

Banking on the next Fukushima

Blog entry by Kumi Naidoo | 11 May, 2011 4 comments

Kumi Naidoo and Nuclear Campaigner Yannick Rousselet protest the passage of a train carrying nuclear waste. Image: Pierre Gleizes Two months after the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan our thoughts are with those who...

Stop radioactive investments: India to build nuclear reactors in earthquake zone with...

Blog entry by Justin McKeating | 6 December, 2010 1 comment

© Nicolas Chauveau / Greenpeace As French president Nicholas Sarkozy visits India in his role as salesman for the nuclear industry , Greenpeace activists today visited the headquarters of France’s BNP Paribas bank to tell it to...

Why isn't BNP Paribas 'sharing' its nuclear projects on Facebook?

Blog entry by Laura K. | 4 November, 2010 10 comments

Two weeks ago we revealed banking group BNP Paribas, the world’s leading investor in the nuclear industry, is planning to fund an obsolete, dangerous nuclear reactor in Brazil – Angra 3. Since then a lot of you have asked BNP Paribas...

Let's make sure HSBC and BNP Paribas get the message - no more Fukushimas

Blog entry by Laura K. | 11 May, 2011 41 comments

Thousands of e-mails are already being sent to HSBC and BNP Paribas international board members asking them to withdraw their finance and support from the Jaitapur nuclear project. Building what will be the world's biggest nuclear...

The world's #1 nuclear bank: BNP Paribas

Blog entry by Laura K. | 28 October, 2010 7 comments

Right now the nuclear industry is mobilizing countless resources in an effort to convince the world that nuclear energy is a necessary part of solving our energy needs in the face of climate change. In reality, any investment in...

VIDEO: Costs of Angra 3 nuclear reactor

Video | 12 October, 2010 at 16:00

BNP Paribas, sponsor of the French Masters tennis tournament and the world’s leading investor in the nuclear industry, uses customers’ savings to finance dodgy nuclear projects and is planning to fund a dangerously obsolete nuclear reactor in...

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Message at BNP Paribas-sponsored Masters tennis: 'Stop radioactive investments!'

Image | 13 November, 2010 at 18:50

November 13, 2010 - Banners hang at the Paris Masters tennis tournament, which is sponsored by BNP Paribas. BNP provides more financing to the nuclear industry than any other bank in the world and is also planning to 'sponsor' a dangerously...

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