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Tesco publicly commits to Detox its textile production, as retailers start tackling...

Press release | 14 July, 2017 at 12:27

Hamburg, 14 July 2017 - Tesco, one of the world’s largest retailers has today announced they will immediately begin the process of eliminating hazardous chemicals from the supply chain of their garment brand F&F, sold in 2,300 stores trading out...

Hewlett-Packard = Hazardous Products

Press release | 28 July, 2009 at 18:43

A Greenpeace action in the US today exposed Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) continuing contribution to the toxic electronic waste crisis. The peaceful protest is in response to HP backtracking on its commitments to phase out toxic chemicals from its...

Why shop when you can swap?

Blog entry by Ieva Vilimaviciute | 23 April, 2014 1 comment

Thinking about freshening up your wardrobe before the summer? Forget shopping – it’s time for a clothes swap! Whether you are a green-dressing fashionista concerned about fashion’s footprint or just simply love shopping, clothes...

Hidden Consequences: The unseen price of water pollution

Blog entry by Martin Hojsik | 25 May, 2011 3 comments

Toxic pollution is often unseen. But many of the hazardous chemicals that are discharged into our rivers can stay there for years to come and accumulate inside living organisms. Some can cause cancer while others disrupt hormone...

Pregnant women protest against manmade toxic chemicals

Image | 17 November, 2005 at 1:00

Pregnant women protest against manmade toxic chemicals that contaminate unborn babies. The protest took place outside the office of new German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is seeking to weaken proposed European law on toxic chemicals.

March 2: Netherlands - people should know what they are voting for

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 2 March, 2010 1 comment

This is part of a trial series Greenpeace raises awareness of new nuclear plant plans In Middelburg, Zeeland, the Netherlands , Greenpeace activists display an anti -nuclear banner at the city hall. The banner recreates...

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