Quarterly - 2010.1

Background - 1 July, 2010
Greenpeace International's supporter magazine.


The Trial of the Tokyo Two: Two Greenpeace activists, Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki, have gone on trial in Japan in an unprecedented court case. They exposed the whale meat embezzlement at the heart of the Japanese whaling industry, but now face the risk of up to 10 years in jail. Together with an update of the trial, we also hear from Toru why he remains so committed to ending whaling in Japan, and how much he and Junichi appreciate the support they've received from Greenpeace supporters all over the world.

Greenpeace has a long proud history of defending the whales. Guest contributor Barbara Stowe takes a look back at the early days of Greenpeace's whaling campaign.

Unnecessary detention, necessary action: We also take a look at the case of the so-called Red Carpet 4 - our activists who protested at the banquet held at the end of the Copenhagen Climate Summit - and the future of civil disobedience following the Summit's failure to deliver a climate-saving deal.

We also celebrate the sweet success for our KitKat campaign, hear about the problems affecting China's Pearl River Delta and ask what happens next for endangered tuna.

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