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Greenpeace Quarterly magazine

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Greenpeace Quarterly, December 2008
Into Africa

As the Arctic Sunrise sails up the Congo, Greenpeace launches in Africa

December 2008

The latest edition of Greenpeace International's quarterly supporters' newsletter. In this issue:

Into Africa - Greenpeace Africa opens its first offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We bring you the stories of the behind the launch, and take a look at some of the issues affecting the continent. Chris Daley was in DRC, discussing Greenpeace's 'Forests for Climate' with the locals, while Kim Schoppink travelled to the Ghana to document the dumping of electronic waste. Beth Herzfeld describes the big launch in South Africa, while Michelle Medeiros recounts the day that the Arctic Sunrise sailed up the Congo as part of the launch in DRC. And if that wasn't enough, we take the chance to talk to Greenpeace Africa's Anne Dingwall about her experiences opening up new Greenpeace offices around the world.

We bring you more news about the Energy [R]evolution - how Greenpeace enlisted the help of one of history's greatest figures to talk about the revolution, the story of the Kingsnorth 6 and a review of the Arctic Sunrise and Rainbow Warrior's recent 'Quit Coal' ship tours around the Mediterranean and Europe.

Further, there's an update on the Tokyo Two and how Greenpeace will be defending the whales in 2009, and we look back 30 years to the beginnings of Greenpeace Netherlands.

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