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Greenpeace Quarterly magazine

Background - 3 August, 2009

Quarterly, 2009.1
Greenpeace International

2009 - Issue 1

The latest edition of Greenpeace International's quarterly supporters' newsletter. In this issue:

Winds of Change:

2009 will be an historic year for the climate; if we do not achieve an effective agreement at the Copenhagen climate conference this December, there will be almost no chance that we can prevent the world breaking the 2oC limit beyond which our children will face a world in which life will be nastier, shorter and more brutish.

In this issue of The Quarterly, Cindy Baxter explains what a good climate deal in Copenhagen needs to look like, Jessica Miller tells us how the climate talks in Poznan last December went, and Lisa Vickers recalls her visit to the Climate Rescue Station in Konin, Poland. There's also advice on how you can make your own invaluable contribution to using 'Smart Power' in the comfort of your own home.

People and Places:

Steve Erwood talks to the scientists of Greenpeace's Science Unit as they move to their brand new laboratories at Exeter University, and to Greenpeace captain Derek Nicholls about the Rainbow Warrior's contribution to the relief efforts following the 2004 Asian tsunami. And, 20 years after the Exxon Valdez oil spill that devastated Alaska's Prince William Sound, Greenpeace USA's climate and energy campaigner and Alaskan resident Mel Duchin looks back at one of the largest ecological disasters the world has seen.

News from Around the World:

Jo Kuper writes about the Tennessee coal spills that once again exposed the true costs of coal, Sari Tolvanen explains why there's good news for tuna in the Pacific, and we bring you further news of Greenpeace's work around the world.

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