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Greenpeace Quarterly - May 2008

Background - 26 September, 2008

Greenpeace QuarterlyMay 2008

May 2008

The first edition of the revamped Greenpeace International quarterly supporters' newsletter. In this issue:

A Life on the Ocean Waves - we hear from Greenpeace activist Jetske Nagtglas following her third year in the Southern Ocean defending the whales

Shock and Awe - the award-winning photography of Daniel Beltrá, revealing the connection between the Amazon and Antarctica

Bear Witnesses - the struggle to list the polar bear under the US Endangered Species Act

Greenwash and the car industry's true colours - what we discovered at the Geneva car show

Village People - Casey Harrell takes on the 'Search for Green Electronics' at the CeBIT 2008 computer fare in Hanover, putting its 'green village' to the test

Banning the Bulb - Ireland takes steps towards an Energy [R]evolution; plus, tips on ways in which you can save energy in your own home

Together with news from around the world and ways you can take action to help Greenpeace.

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