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Kumi Naidoo

Born in 1965 and hailing from South Africa, Kumi Naidoo was Greenpeace's International Executive Director from November 2009 until December 2015.

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  • Marching for A Future That Works

    Blogpost by Kumi Naidoo - 23 October, 2012 at 13:00 4 comments

    More than 150,000 people came to London last Saturday to protest against austerity measures and march for A Future That Works. The rally was organised by the Trade Union Congress, the national trade union centre in the UK representing the vast majorit... Read more >

  • Global Campaigning 2.0

    Blogpost by Kumi Naidoo - 15 October, 2012 at 17:35 4 comments

    Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo addresses protesters at the anti-nuclear demonstration.

    ‘Clicktivism’ has come of age as the digital driver of the #PowerOfWe. Malcolm Gladwell’s infamous dismissal of online activism as ineffective signature gathering missed the point in 2010, when he coined the phrase; sharing information, crowd sourci... Read more >

  • Commitment to a sustainable peace

    Blogpost by Kumi Naidoo - 21 September, 2012 at 22:34 11 comments

    Demonstration against Iraq War in GermanyWhat is peace? In a world at times ravaged by armed conflict, from Africa to Asia, is peace simply an absence of war? Or is there more to it than that?

    Today, on the International Day of Peace, it is important to reflect on some of these questions, p... Read more >

  • A letter to President Putin

    Blogpost by Kumi Naidoo - 30 August, 2012 at 15:53 30 comments

    Dear Mr. President,

    I write these lines to you on board the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise, as we leave the Russian economic zone waters north of the Kola Peninsula. You may be aware that for the last 5 days people from our ship were engaging in...

    Read more >
  • Cold hands, determined hearts

    Blogpost by Kumi Naidoo - 28 August, 2012 at 17:11 34 comments

    When I spoke to my friends and family this weekend I was unanimously scolded. After Friday’s 15-hour occupation of Gazprom’s Prirazlomnaya oil platform in the Pechora Sea, they all said “you’re getting too old for this!” With blue hands and feet fro... Read more >

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