Stakeholder participation and feedback

Background - 29 September, 2006


Greenpeace supporters and donors are actively encouraged to take part in our campaigns, by joining local volunteer groups, and/or by joining global Greenpeace Cyber activities and communities. Via those platforms, people are able to directly interact with Greenpeace staff, to contribute to our campaign achievements and to share their views on Greenpeace's work. To find out more about possibilities to volunteer, please go to the Volunteers section.


Due to its high profile and outspoken campaign stances, Greenpeace receives a lot of direct feedback from the public on a daily basis via post, email or telephone. While it is often not practically possible to provide a personal response to every individual, all public feedback is carefully monitored and considered in executing our campaigns.

In terms of feedback, one world record we are particularly proud of: over the 35+ years of its existence, Greenpeace must have become the organisation that receives the most drawings of whales made by school children from all over the world!

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