Here's another update from John Bowler, our Project Manager for Copenhagen (pictured above - our Executive Director Kumi Naidoo presents the Tcktcktck petition to the Prime Minister of Denmark).

Just like the morning, the afternoon belonged to the Youth. With great emotion and dignity Solar Generation's Leah Wickham, from the South Pacific delivered a speech during the process of handing over the 10 million-plus tcktcktck signatures to UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer and the Danish Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen. Rather than sheets and sheets of paper (what a waste) the handover was done with a couple of Denmark’s famous Lego bricks - symbolising, I imagine, the building block for a FAB outcome.

Not long afterwards, Kumi, our new Executive Director, presented the 10,000,000+ names in similar fashion to Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen. He also rather cheekily gave him a TckTckTck pen so that he could sign a FAB deal. Kumi’s presentation followed a panel style presentation by different stakeholders – political, economic, science and civil society. I think its fair to say that while Kumi upstaged almost all others on the panel he himself ended up in second place when a young man from the Maldives (sorry I do not remember his name) spoke of the despair of his country, and at knowing that they had no future as they would soon have no homeland.

Let’s see if the negotiators and world leaders listen to the voices of reason, the voices from the heart. Only time will tell. And that time is 12 days.