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Global Campaign for Climate Action: tck tck tck

Background - 6 July, 2009
Tck tck tck ..... Climate change is putting life on earth in peril. There is still time to build a greener, safer world. But the clock is ticking.

In December world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to decide our destiny. If enough people from around the world show support, our leaders will have the courage to act.

Take action to demand Heads of State personally attend the conference.  They need to take personal responsibility for sealing the right deal which will protect our planet from runaway climate change.

And when you have done that, add your name to the tck tck tck campaign's call for a global deal to save our planet from catastrophic climate change.

tcktcktck is a global movement for a unified voiceagainst climate change. The combined efforts of millions of people,including you,  will deliver a clearmessage that we demand meaningful leadership and action against climatechange.

Greenpeace is proud to be a part of the tck tck tck campaign.