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Rock in Rio

Background - 13 August, 2008

Scientific research shows Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, helps our brains work better and inspires people. During Rock in Rio in Lisbon, we are using this groundbreaking piece of music to inspire world leaders to take action against climate change at the next G8 summit, 7-9 July in Toyako, Japan.

Join us in telling world leaders from Germany, the US, Italy, France, the UK, Canada, Russia and Japan gathering at the G8, to deliver the energy [r]evolution that can save the climate.

Things you can do:

Take Action

We're sending a message to the world leaders who will be meeting at the G8 Summit in Tokyo. If you agree the statement below, please sign it, and ask that the leaders of Germany, Japan, the US, Canada, France, Italy, Russia, and the UK join YOU by becoming energy revolutionaries.

  • I'm asking world leaders to deliver an energy [r]evolution to save the climate at the G8 summit;
  • I'm asking for a global treaty that cuts CO2 emissions in half by 2050;
  • for Renewable Energy supplying half the world's power by 2050;
  • for laws that double global energy efficiency, from lightbulbs to automobiles;
  • for powering the world with as little coal as possible and no nuclear power;
  • and for protection of our forests.

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