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You-Turn the Earth!

Background - 13 October, 2009
Do you want our leaders to do something about global warming? The biggest chance we have is the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen in December. But our leaders are only going to act if we demand it. YOU can help turn things around.Join the global movement to save the climate. YoU-Turn the Earth!
Want a good deal for the climate?
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Our best chance to take action against global warming is coming up in December, when the nations of the world gather for a UN Climate summit in Copenhagen.

We want world leaders to be there personally.

We want them to make the right deal for the climate.

It's important that political leaders hear from and recognize fromtheir constituents that this is an issue that matters, and that peopleconvey their level of concern and  make it clear that failure is not anoption here, and that dillydallying and procrastinating is not going towork. --Todd Stern, US Special Envoy for Climate Change

Ican't understand why there aren't rings of young people blockingbulldozers, and preventing them from constructing coal-fired powerplants." --Al Gore

And we have a checklist by which their success can be measured: 

  • Make sure emissions peak in 2015 and decrease as rapidly as possible towards zero after that
  • Developed countries must make cuts of 40 percent on their 1990 carbon emisisons by 2020
  • Developing countries must slow the growth of emissions by 15-30 percent by 2020, with support from industrialised nations
  • Protect tropical forests with a special funding mechanism - forests for climate
  • Replace dirty fossil fuel energy with renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Reject false solutions like nuclear energy

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