What can we do about climate change?

Background - 1 July, 2016
We can still choose our future path and avoid a climate catastrophe. We need an urgent end to the polluting energy systems that make us sick and destroy the nature we love. Greenpeace is fighting dirty coal, oil and gas projects. We're building up people-powered resistance, working to shift financing to renewable energy, and holding big polluters to account. We're also speeding up the leap to 100 percent clean, safe and secure energy from the sun, wind, oceans and earth. Join us on this exciting adventure to embrace our bright new energy future.

Stop before it's too late

Today carbon dioxide levels are rising fast.

Yet fossil fuel companies and governments are still planning for more massive coal, oil and gas projects that would take us to a point of no return to prevent the worst effects of climate change.  This is happening when cuts to these greenhouse gas emissions are more urgent than ever.

Warming must be held in check

Nobody knows exactly how much warming is safe for the planet. We do know warming so far already has powerful negative effects on people and nature.

Above 1.5° Celsius of warming many impacts of climate change, including water scarcity and decreases in crop yields, become severe in some regions. As a great injustice, the people most affected by climate change are those who can least afford it, and who have done very little to cause the problem.

We need urgent, deep cuts to emissions

These climate threats are why governments, under the 2015 Paris Agreement, aim to keep global temperature rise this century below 1.5° Celsius above pre-industrial level (remember, 1° Celsius of this warming has already taken place.)

Climate scientists have also laid out a carbon budget to say how much carbon we can emit and still have a reasonable (66 percent) chance of staying below 1.5° Celsius of warming. Yet this emissions budget is being rapidly spent, and will completely run out by about 2020.

Our future depends on what we do today. Staying below this 1.5° Celsius 'guardrail' means very urgent cuts to emissions, and a rapid leap to 100 percent renewable energy.  

We have only a limited time to act. We can't wait any longer.

Stop polluting coal, oil and gas projects

Together we can shift away from these polluting and dangerous energy systems that make us sick and destroy the oceans and lands we love.  

Around the world, communities have joined forces to oppose coaloil and gas projects. We work alongside them, boosting these people-powered movements, as part of Greenpeace's tireless, planet-wide campaign to stop the dirtiest projects.

Learn about our work —  and find out how we are winning!  

Hold big polluters responsible

Companies are responsible for their emissions and the damage caused by climate change, now and in the future.  

Greenpeace seeks to hold the big polluters to account for their contribution to and deception around the climate crisis.

Greenpeace also works to shift the flow of money away from environmentally destructive companies.

Clean energy solutions are within reach

In the spirit of optimism that founded Greenpeace, we also work for a fundamental shift to a bright new future powered 100 percent by energy from the sun, wind, oceans and earth.

This clean, safe renewable energy is already big, and gaining momentum with each passing year. It's creating millions of jobs, changing lives and transforming entire communities.

We’ve been given a bright new future —  now it's time to grasp it with both hands. Together we can make the leap to a future built on 100 percent renewable energy — our best chance for the planet.

Nuclear too dangerous and expensive

At the same time, Greenpeace fights dangerous and polluting nuclear power. This false solution poses severe risks to people and the environment — risks far too great to accept. Greenpeace works to halt growth of nuclear power and shut down existing plants.

What can you do?

Climate change is a global problem, but there's a lot you can do about it in your daily life. Choose your own set of solutions to save energy and money, and make your life and home more healthy, convenient and comfortable.

Support our exciting global work to energise a vibrant and diverse movement working to stop the worst, most-polluting coal and oil projects.  

Join our global campaign to Save the Arctic, as we push for a global Arctic sanctuary and a ban on oil drilling and destructive fishing in Arctic waters.

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