Last night film makers from across Europe gathered at the Curzon Soho in central London, with one question on their minds: who had won the Greenpeace Film Competition?

We'd challenged people to make short films that exposed how Volkswagen was misleading the public - claiming to be eco-friendly whilst lobbying against key climate laws. We'd only given filmmakers two weeks - and the response was an astounding eighty films. After weeks of voting, that was whittled down to a shortlist of twelve.

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And then there were 12: VW film competition shortlist revealed.
Posted by jamie - 15 November 2011 (Greenpeace UK)

Voting has closed in our film competition to expose the true face of Volkswagen, and we now have a shortlist to present to the judges. Did your favourite make it into the final 12?

Out of the 80 amazing entries we received, these films capture the real spirit of VW, peeling back the facade of its advertising which tries to sell the company as a green car manufacturer.

The judges will be deliberating over the next few days and we'll be announcing the overall winner at a screening in London next Tuesday 22 November.

Good luck to the shortlisted film makers!

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Last chance to vote in our Volkswagen film competition
Posted by Richardg - 8 November 2011 (Greenpeace UK)

Volkswagen film competition


Have you voted in our film competition yet?

We challenged film makers to turn their cameras on Volkswagen and expose its dirty lobbying. Volkswagen says it wants to be the most eco-friendly car manufacturer, but it's spending millions lobbying against climate laws.

Head over to the film competition website and vote for your favourites!

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VW takes three months to reply. But says nothing.
Posted by sara_a - 25 October 2011 (Greenpeace UK)

Volkswagen is lobbying against critical environmental laws


After three months of our campaign to turn VW away from the Dark Side, millions of views to our campaign film and over 440,000 Jedi emails and phone calls later, Volkswagen have finally responded to us with a letter.

But sadly their letter makes little mention of what Greenpeace is asking them to do – to stop using their lobbying muscle to oppose two key climate laws.

VW are lobbying against an EU wide reduction in CO2 emissions of 30% by 2020. In their letter they once again refuse to join progressive businesses like Google and Unilever in supporting the target which would boost Europe's economy and create new, green jobs. They also make no response to our request that they stop lobbying against car efficiency laws which would save motorists money, as well as helping the planet. If as they state, they 'struggle against literally every single gram of CO2' why won't they support effective climate standards?

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Voting now open in our VW film competition!
Posted by Richardg - 17 October 2011 (Greenpeace UK)

Volkswagen claims to be an eco-friendly company, but in reality it's lobbying against the laws we need to stop climate change and make cars more efficient.

Last month, we challenged film makers from around the world to help us expose the real VW. We gave people just two weeks to write, shoot and edit their films, but it didn't stop us getting some truly amazing - and hilarious - entries.

Head over to the film competition website and vote for your favourites!

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Erst gucken, dann wählen! [in German]
Posted by Benjamin Borgerding - 25 October 2011 (Greenpeace Germany)

In Zeiten niedriger Wahlbeteiligung möchten wir euch unverdrossen dazu auffordern, gleich zwei Mal an die (virtuelle) Urne zu treten:

Seit einer Woche sind auf der Bewertungsplattform zum Greenpeace-Kurzfilmwettbewerb "See Volkswagen Differently" alle eingereichten Filme zum Angucken und Abstimmen freigeschaltet. Insgesamt 80 Filmemacherinnen und Filmemacher hatten sich an der Aufgabe versucht, in einem einminütigen Spot die dunkle Seite von Volkswagen zu zeigen.

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Proof: car companies are crying wolf
Posted by emmagibson - 29 September 2011 (Greenpeace UK)

Volkswagen is lobbying against car efficiency laws in Europe


Back in 2007 when the European Commission was trying to agree a law that would force car makers to produce less-polluting cars, I saw first hand how car manufacturers tried every trick in the book to stop it being passed.

This included telling politicians that car companies couldn't make the cuts needed because cars would become 'unaffordable' if the law was passed. As a result of their lobbying the law was significantly weakened and its implementation delayed by several years.

Now we have absolute proof that this scare story was unfounded.

A report out today exposes how car companies like Volkswagen have misled us over their ability to make their cars cleaner.

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