Andrey Allakhverdov

Background - 3 October, 2013
"The kindest and most educated person in the world. "
Andrey Allakhverdov

Andrey Allakhverdov

Age: 50

Andrey was born in Yerevan, Armenia, but has lived in Moscow, Russia, since the age of two.

He has a wife and a 16-year old son who are waiting for him to come home.

Andrey’s Colleagues describe him as,

“The kindest and most educated person in the world. He does not accept violence in any form – he does not even kill flies, he sets them free through the window.”

Andrey is an experienced radio journalist. He is well known and respected by hundreds of radio journalists in Russia and all over the world. In the early 1990s, he produced a national broadcast series about the challenges facing Russia's environment. His radio program about ecology was recognized as the best in Russia. People say that Andrey could interview a stone and it will still be very interesting to listen to. The show has received many prizes and accolades.

His affiliation with Greenpeace was not accidental. He joined in 2012, and brought with him his passion for storytelling, honed over the airwaves on Radio Rossiya. Now his words connect people with the environment and why it matters.

He has worked extensively in the international media including the BBC.


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