Anthony Perrett

Background - 3 October, 2013
Anthony is a tree surgeon who enjoys working outdoors.
Anthony Perrett

Anthony Perrett

Age: 32

Anthony is from Newport, Wales and is proud of his country and heritage and is passionate about protecting it.

Anthony is committed to sustainable development and environmental issues and has made informed decisions based on his own personal research and experiences into energy solutions.

Anthony's passions for caring for the environment has formed the basis for his educational path through studying forestry and in gaining a BA (Hons) PcET Degree. Anthony believes that education and training in woodland management and sustainable land use are key to the future development of our communities.

Anthony is a tree surgeon who enjoys working outdoors. He is also a director of a community interest company which encourages and supports the use of renewable energy. Anthony believes that investing in renewable energy solutions rather than exploiting fossil fuels will eventually help stabilise the Earth's climate and environment for future generations.

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