Dimitri Litvinov

Background - 4 October, 2013
Dima started working for Greenpeace as a canvasser in 1989.
Dimitri Litvinov

Dimitri Litvinov


Dima is a Russian-born US and Swedish citizen who has lived and worked in Stockholm, Sweden, since 1994.

His wife, Anita, is Swedish. They have three children, aged 26, 19 and 13.

Dima started working for Greenpeace as a canvasser in 1989, in the US. He has worked for Greenpeace US, Greenpeace Russia and Greenpeace International in a variety of positions. Dima has a long history of taking action against nuclear weapons testing in Russia and illegal fishing in Antarctica. Dima has a master’s degree in political anthropology from Wesleyan University, Ct, USA. He is now a senior campaigner in Greenpeace Nordic.

What Dima said after a court hearing:


“is there anything that you want to tell your wife?”


“yes tell her I love her very very much”.


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