Faiza Oulahsen

Background - 4 October, 2013
Faiza studied political science in Amsterdam and specialised in international relations.
Faiza Oulahsen

Faiza Oulahsen


Faiza lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Faiza is clever, passionate and impatient to put right social and environmental abuse. She studied political science in Amsterdam and specialised in international relations -- excellent preparation for gaining insight into her future opponents.

Faiza has been with Greenpeace since, 2011. She is now 26 and one of the youngest campaigners ever. It is her sincere indignation and concern that convinced her to join the Arctic Sunrise on its journey of peaceful protest in the Arctic. As she once wrote in a blog about Shell: ‘We are not doing this to harass you, dear people from Shell. We are doing it so that you will have a job later and so that we will all have a clean planet to live on.’

It is now busier than ever in the ‘climate and energy’ corner of our office, but also strangely quiet without Faiza. We talk about her and miss her and worry about her. In the NOS news we heard her joke that she is fine, but she’s not in a five star Hotel. Maybe we will have a good laugh about this together some day, but now we are long way from that. In the conspicuous silence we hear her calling loud and clear, “Hey guys, keep your eyes on the North Pole, OK?!”

"Drilling for oil in the North Pole is comparable to clubbing seal pups to death or dumping toxic waste, just about everyone knows it’s wrong but it still happens."


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