Francesco Pisanu

Background - 4 October, 2013
Francesco first joined Greenpeace as a volunteer in Paris.
Fransesco Pisanu

Francesco Pisanu

Crew Member
Age: 38

Francesco grew up near Paris, France

Francesco has long been committed to environmental protection. He first joined Greenpeace as a volunteer in Paris where he took part in protests to tell people about the many threats to our environment. At the same time, one of his jobs was as an ambulance driver.

In May 2006, he had his first experience aboard a Greenpeace ship. He volunteered aboard the Esperanza on the “one year oceans tour campaign”, which was aimed at creating marine reserves around the world. He sailed from the Mediterranean to the Pacific ocean, through the Red sea and the Indian ocean. He then passed the degrees required to become an actual crew member for Greenpeace, and now his life is about sailing the oceans to raise awareness about environmental issues.