Iain Rogers

Background - 15 October, 2013
Iain started sailing with Greenpeace in 2010.
Iain Rogers

Iain Rogers

Crew Member
United Kingdom
Age: 37

Iain grew up by the Devon seaside and loves boats. He learnt to sail on the Exe estuary at the Starcross Yacht Club. When he's not working for Greenpeace, he lives on his boat and works at a boatyard.

He started sailing with Greenpeace in 2010. Getting a job with Greenpeace meant he could use his training to protect the seas he loves.

Iain has an older sister, Katherine, and brother, Stuart, and he’s very proud of his niece Amy and his nephew Joshua.

His family describes him as ‘tenacious, eccentric and unconventional’, and someone who ‘doesn't understand why socks have to be 'matching' and is unconcerned about holes in his trousers and pullovers.’

His family said:

“Iain has time and respect for everyone, even the people he disagrees with. He cares passionately about injustices and inequalities throughout the globe, always standing up for the underdog. His mum and dad, brother and sister, and his family and many friends on the Exe and throughout the world miss him and want him home.”