Sini Saarela

Background - 3 October, 2013
Sini is an experienced climber who has taken part in many demonstrations.
Sini Saarela

Sini Saarela

Age: 31

Sini is an environmental activist from Helsinki, Finland.

She describes herself as an ordinary person who thinks that national elections every four years is not enough to really change things. A nature lover, Sini likes to explore the forests around her home during the summer months.

She has taken part in many demonstrations. Sini is an experienced climber, and in 2007 scaled the crane of a nuclear construction site Olkiluoto 3, Finland, to demonstrate against nuclear power.

Sini is not deterred by the cold conditions in the Arctic. Last year, she climbed the oil platform Prirazlomnaya with Greenpeace International Executive Director, Kumi Naidoo. During that protest Sini said,

“You can try to stop us with icy water, but it will not deter us, because we know how important it is for the fragile environment here, to prevent oil drilling. The Arctic nature around me will not survive oil spills.”

This is some of the things, Sini Saarela said when questioned in the preliminary hearing in Murmansk:

"This is laughable: they told me I am a guest, but did not give food or the possibility to use toilet."

On being held on board the Coast Guard vessel:

"This was a proposal you could not refuse, because they were armed with assault rifles. Did they have permission to shoot climbers with live bullets?"


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