Famous Arctic Defenders

Background - 20 March, 2013
We need every single one of our Arctic Defenders and are grateful to you all for your amazing support. We’re also really happy to have the following actors, musicians, explorers and leaders from the worlds of business, arts and media to help amplify our message...

Join us - visit www.savethearctic.org

Lucy Lawless took direct action with us in New Zealand

Paul McCartney joined the Arctic Rising

Radiohead took us on tour with them all over Europe

Vivienne Westwood put our campaign on the catwalk and helped us choose our flag for the future

One Direction signed the Arctic scroll (and Liam’s supportive tweet got so much attention it nearly brought down our website)

Cameron Diaz put her eyes on the Arctic

Hu Haiquan came on board the Arctic sunrise to learn about the melting sea ice

Richard Branson helped us kick off the campaign in Rio

Jude Law voiced our #homelesspolarbear video

Alejandro Sanz made a convincing polar explorer


Aaron Johnson, actor, UK

Adriana, musician, Argentina

Alejandro Sanz, musician, Spain

Alexandra Burke, musician, UK

Annie Lennox, musician, UK

Anthony Kiedis, musician, USA

Baaba Maal, musician, Senegal

Bella Freud, fashion, UK

Ben Affleck, actor, USA

Ben Barnes, actor, UK

Bianca Jagger, activist, UK

Boy Olmi, actor, Argentina

Bruce Parry, explorer, UK

Bryan Adams, musician, Canada

Cameron Diaz, actor, USA

Carsten Jensen, author, Denmark

Chet Lam, musician, Hong Kong

Cilla Black, TV, UK

Daryl Hannah, actor, USA

David de Rothschild, explorer, UK

David Gilmour, musician, UK

Dawn Olivieri, actor, UK

Dev Patel, actor, UK

Edward Norton, actor, USA

Elena Roger, actor, Argentina

Emma Thompson, actor, UK

Eman Lam, musician, Hong Kong

Emily Blunt, actor, UK

Eric Schlosser, author, USA

Ezra Miller, actor, USA

Fabiana Cantilo, musician, Argentina

Fernando Trueba, director, Spain

Gene Simmons, musician, USA

Golden, band, Hong Kong

Goldie, musician, UK

Gustaf Skarsgård, actor, Sweden

Hoffmaestro, band, Sweden

Hu Haiquan, musician, China

Hugh Grant, actor, UK

Ib Michael, author, Denmark

Imelda Staunton, actor, UK

Incubus, band, USA

Jack White, musician, USA

Janet Hsieh, TV, Taiwan

Jarvis Cocker, musician, UK

Javier Bardem, actor, Spain

Jeremy Irons, actor, UK

Jesper Christensen, actor, Denmark

Jesus Calleja, TV, Spain

Jim Broadbent. actor, UK

Jiří Dědeček, poet, Czech Republic

Jochen Zeitz, businessman, Germany

Joey Leung Cho-yiu, actor, Hong Kong

John Hurt, actor, UK

John Carlos, sport, USA

Jude Law, actor, UK

Justin Chatwin, actor, Canada

K’Naan, musician, Somalia

Kay Tse, musician, Hong Kong

Klára Issová, actor, Czech Republic

Kongkee, illustrator, Hong Kong

KT Tunstall, musician, UK

Laura Bailey, model, UK

Lawrence Chou, actor, Hong Kong

Lawrence Dallaglio, sport, UK

Leila Tong, actor, Hong Kong

Lena Endre, actor, Sweden

Lene Gammelgaard, explorer, Denmark

Lily Cole, model, UK

Livia Firth, campaigner, UK

LP, musician, USA

Lucy Lawless, actor, New Zealand

Marta Kubišová, actor, Czech Republic

Master Fatman, comedian, Denmark

Miquel Barcelo, artist, Spain

Miroslav Jakes, explorer, Czech Republic

Natalia Oreiro, actor, Argentina

Nick Simmons, TV, USA

Oh Land, band, Denmark

Olivia Williams, actor, UK

One Direction, band, UK

Pamela Anderson, actor, Canada

Paul Simonon, musician, UK

Paul McCartney, musician, UK

Pedro Almodovar, director, Spain

Penelope Cruz, actor, Spain

Peter Fox, musician, Germany

Petr Vacek, actor, Czech Republic

Q'orianka Kilcher, actor, USA

Radiohead, band, UK

Raghu Ram, actor, India

Rajeev Khandelwal, actor, India

Red Hot Chili Peppers, band, USA

Ricardo Darín, actor, Argentina

Richard Branson, businessman, UK

Rita Ora, musician, UK

Robert Redford, actor, USA

Saffron Burrows, actor, UK

Sam Taylor Wood, artist, UK

Sarah Burton, fashion, UK

Sebastian Klein, TV, Denmark

Sharon Lawrence, actor, USA

Shauna Redford, arts, USA

Sherry Tsai, sport, Hong Kong

Shin, musician, Taiwan

Simona Babčáková, actor, Czech Republic

Sneha Khanwalkar, actor, India

Stella McCartney, fashion, UK

Stephen Frears, director, UK

Steve Jones, TV, UK

Sugandha Garg, actor, India

Sylvi Bódi, model, Hungary

Tamra Rosanes, musician, Denmark  

Thandie Newton, actor, UK

Thom Yorke, musician, UK

Thomas Jane, actor, USA

Tim Roth, actor, USA

Tom Stoppard, writer, UK

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, band, UK

Troels Kløvedal, explorer, Denmark

Vivienne Westwood, fashion, UK

William Tang, fashion, Hong Kong

Woody Harrelson, actor, USA

Xiao Wei, musician, China