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Background - 6 March, 2008
Toyota say that their goal is zero emissions, and there's no doubt that the Prius has changed the world's view of sustainable motoring. It's got 5 doors, over 100 horsepower and a top speed of 170 km/hour while emitting just 104g of CO2 per km.

Of course Toyota have also been one of the big firms driving the surge of SUV sales in Europe with models like the RAV 4 and the Landcruiser, a monster 4*4 that should be more at home in the wilds of Africa than the roads of Europe.

With the latest generation of Toyota concept cars including the Urban Cruiser SUV it looks like zero emissions might still be a long way off.

2006 European Performance

  • Sales weighted CO2 average: 153g

  • Share in carbon emissions: 5.67% *

  • Share in vehicle sales: 5.91% - 848 000

 * based on all new cars driving the same distance