Report: Clean our Cloud

Background - 17 April, 2012

From work collaboration to music and movie digitization, there’s no argument that cloud-computing has revolutionized how we interact and how we are entertained. To meet our exponentially expanding appetite for cloud-based IT, global tech leaders including Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon are understandably expanding cloud capacity at a breakneck pace.

But this speed is coming at a steep environmental expense: Computing is in the cloud, the cloud is driven by data centers, and today, these data centers are overwhelmingly powered by dirty coal-fired plants. Today’s IT leaders can change that coal-powered course. This year’s Greenpeace report, How Clean is Your Cloud?, scrutinizes the energy choices of 14 global IT leaders and illuminates ways they can instead invest in clean, renewable data-center energy options. That means Green IT -- and a data cloud that keeps the air clear.

Download report annex: Company Data Centers and Estimates of Power Demand