From Dublin to Palo Alto via Milan, Colombia, and London, with world records and airships, in English, Spanish, Hebrew and Chinese, Facebook got a clear message this week, delivered in many ways – it's time the world’s largest social networking site connected its 600 million users to renewable energy, not dirty, dangerous coal and nuclear.

The week started at Facebook’s Dublin offices – where Facebook staff got a clear message about the global support for Facebook to choose renewable energy from over 700,000 Facebook users, and a pledge for Mark to sign in support of renewable energy.

On Wednesday we set a new world record for the most Facebook comments in 24hrs, with over 80,000 comments in support of the campaign and over 50,000 new ‘likes’ for the campaign in one day. The message was also spreading in the main square of Milan, Italy with the unfurling of a huge Facebook: Go Green banner. Check out the action and public response below:

Greenpeace volunteers in Italy have been gathering support from Facebook users across Italy, check out the fun video of their activities.

Meanwhile on the streets of StockholmGothenburgNorrköping,  and many other Swedish cities people are urging Facebook to give a thumbs down to dirty energy and like renewables.

Just in case Facebook might have missed all this activity, they certainly would have notice this flying above their Palo Alto office as they arrive for work on Thursday:

Today staff of the UK Facebook office received a warm welcome to work along with campaign information from our UK volunteers.

Maybe you might be wondering if all these messages of support from you, Facebook users are reaching the right people at Facebook, here’s Barry Schnitt, Facebook's director of corporate communications and public policy watching you all set a world record on a screen outside the Facebook office.

We’ve been reaching out to all facebook staff in a positive to encourage such a innovative company that’s changing the world we live in to make a even better change for the world, by announcing a plan to switch to renewables by Earth Day, April 22.

We are encouraged by Facebook’s recent announcement on energy efficiency last week but using renewable energy efficiently would be the real leadership we know Facebook is capable of.

In depth information on the campaign.