Wow! Only four days since we launched our photo-petition-competition and already we have over 500 creative entries calling on Facebook to Unfriend Coal!

View all the images – and vote by clicking ‘like’ for your favourites – by clicking here.

And what’s the prize that is motivating all this online creativity? For the top ten, a much sought-after, much-desired, “Unfriend Coal, Friend Renewable Energy” T-shirt, and for the single most popular image, a CD of "Amchitka, The 1970 Concert that Launched Greenpeace," featuring Joni Mitchell, Phil Ochs, and James Taylor.  

Only 24 hours left before we decide who gets the prize!

Correct at the time of publishing, these are the current the front-runners, coming in from all corners of the world!

Top 10:

1st - 116 likes

2nd - 110 likes

3rd - 104 likes

4th - 100 likes

5th - 92 likes

6th - 88 likes

7th - 82 likes

8th - 79 likes

9th - 78 likes (Wow! Someone’s been promoting! In between starting to write and publishing this blog, this photo’s shot up from 13th place with 60 ‘likes’ to 9th spot!)

10th - 73 likes

Runners up:

11th - 69 likes

12th - 66 likes

13th - 64 likes

14th - 58 likes

15th - 56 likes

16th - 55 likes

17th - 48 likes

18th - 47 likes

19th - 46 likes

20th -  44 likes (We thought about disqualifying this one because it doesn’t have the logo in it, but it’s WAY too cute!)

To enter the competition: "Like" the Facebook Unfriend Coal page and upload a photo to the wall with a status message calling Facebook to go green. Tag your friends so they ‘like’ it too!

Include a copy of this campaign graphic in your photo -- Version for printing, Alternative version you can add to an existing photo with an image editor (saves paper!)