On behalf of the 220,000 people who have asked Apple to choose clean energy for powering data centers, we decided to bring those messages directly to Apple, both at its headquarters in Cupertino, California and at Apple stores across the globe last Tuesday. To do this, we launched a global relay event organised, implemented and recorded on iPhones and iPads.

We started our relay in California, then handed it over to Hong Kong, where customers supported the ask for Apple to choose renewables outside the Hong Kong store. The Apple store manager didn't have any answer for everyone asking Apple to lead on clean energy:


Then the event moved west to Tel Aviv, where people signed the petition to Apple live on iPads outside the store:


Next up was Stockholm where, with the presence of our green energy wind, sun and water characters and solar powered iPhones, Apple store staff said a renewable powered iCloud was a great idea. Next up was the Apple reseller store in Vienna, Austria, where one customer summed it up perfectly - "I think everyone should switch to renewables - if a company like Apple did it, it would be perfect." Vienna handed over to Hamburg and then to Helsinki where Apple customers showed their support by popping dirty cloud balloons.

The relay moved on to Johannesburg, where local Apple customers were supporting Apple using green energy but the store staff would not provide an answer.


Next was Paris, but again no answer, so we went to Apple's headquarters to try and get an answer by delivering your messages direct to Apple staff:


Apple customers clearly want a fully renewable powered iCloud from Apple - the good news is your messages did get through to Apple - it provided an answer last Thursday, by announcing more solar power investment and a bold ambition to be 'coal free' by 2013. There's still work for Apple to do to turn that ambition to reality (read our analysis) but now we want to hear what Microsoft and Amazon are doing to clean their cloud! 

Help get an answer by signing the petition.