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Global day of climate action: Dec 12, 2009

Background - 7 December, 2009
On December 12, 2009, Greenpeace will be joining with,,, and many other organisations around the world to send one simple and clear message: At the Copenhagen climate summit, the world wants a real deal!

Events will include public "signature walls" and evening candlelight vigils where we will gather in silence to show our support for a climate deal at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen, which will be at their halfway point on Dec. 12th.

You can use this form to find and/or register an event in your community:

The World Wants a Real Deal is the latest in a series of worldwide and local climate events that are building pressure on world leaders to pass a fair, ambitious, and binding deal on the climate in Copenahgen. Other events in the series include the September 21st Global Wake-Up Call, the world record October 17th Stand Up action, and the October 24th 350 Global Day of Action.

The world is at a tipping point. By acting together we can tip it in the right direction.