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With the world on the brink of runaway climate change, millions are anxious about the effects that a warmer globe will have on our everyday lives. Wanting to learn, act and agitate is a perfectly valid response.

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Join a global community of Greenpeace activists that hail from 225 countries and territories. Our long list of victories prove that when we speak with one voice, we can change the world. Sign up and you'll get a monthly newsletter and action alerts full of ways you can be a one minute activist. It's all free.

They always say time changes things, but

you actually have to change them yourself.  

Andy Warhol, Artist (1928, 1987)

 Be Part of the Solar Generation

Climate change is a problem that the current generation is imposing on many to come. Greenpeace's global youth activism community is centered around clean energy solutions for the future.

Volunteer in your country

Check out the inspiring actions that hundred have taken worldwide over Greenpeace's history. We are working in 28 offices in 42 countires. We can use help - from envelope stuffing to banner painting. In some countries we provide action and non-violence training to folks willing to become activists.

Save energy and save the climate

Everyone can do their bit at home to reduce their pressure on the climate. Oh, and save money too!

Strong reasons make strong actions

William Shakespeare, from King John (1564-1616)

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We don't accept donations from governments or corporations, so the money needed to keep our campaigns running comes from people like you. Your donation will make all the difference.

The latest updates


5 reasons why coal is on the way out

Blog entry by Lauri Myllyvirta | 25 October, 2017 1 comment

While some politicians  - ahem, Trump! - are trying to prop up the fossil fuel industry, there’s been a quiet revolution happening around the world. People are ditching coal - the main global energy source since 2003 - like never...

How green is your tech?

Blog entry by Gary Cook | 17 October, 2017

Do you know how this device, the one you are reading on right now, got into your hand or onto your desk? While it probably came out of a pretty box, if you could look through this screen back through the steps involved in making...

How women are expanding horizons with solar power

Blog entry by Ghalia Fayad | 7 March, 2017

Today, on International Women’s Day, the women of Deir Kanoun Ras el Ain cooperative in South Lebanon embarked on a quiet revolution. Together with young activists from Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, they completed a solar energy...

“The sun leaves no village untouched - no matter how small”

Blog entry by Dania Cherry | 21 December, 2016 1 comment

The tiny remote village of Irig N’Tahala, in Morocco’s southern Tiznit province, has long suffered from power cuts and poor living conditions. But now a decentralised intelligent solar energy network with digital distribution has...

Four ways our forests must be part of the climate conversation

Blog entry by Jannes Stoppel | 30 November, 2016 2 comments

On a warming planet, forests hold the key to stopping climate change. Forest landscapes and agricultural areas can absorb emissions like a sponge. They take carbon dioxide from the air through photosynthesis, and store it in wood and...

Russian gas in the EU: How consumers threaten an international nature reserve

Blog entry by Evgeny Yusov | 11 November, 2016

The Kurgalsky nature reserve, which traverses the shallow waters of the Gulf of Finland, numerous islands, and the Kurgalsky Peninsula between Russia and Finland, is home to a great diversity of flora and fauna, supporting numerous...

4 ways you can use the law to call out the fossil fuel industry – join the wave of...

Blog entry by Tom Lowe | 7 November, 2016

The Paris agreement has catapulted us all into a new reality. Governments have signed it, now they must act on it. And meanwhile, a global movement of people against fossil fuels is moving ahead - and you can be a part of it. We are...

Silver Power: Swiss grannies challenge Government’s weak climate policies

Blog entry by Jennifer Morgan | 25 October, 2016

The Paris climate agreement got some new teeth today when more than 450 women aged 65 and older submitted a legal petition to force the Swiss government to take stronger action on climate change. The complaint alleges that weak...

Breaching environmental boundaries: UN report on resource limits

Blog entry by Rex Weyler | 21 October, 2016 1 comment

This summer, the United Nations International Resource Panel (IRP), published 'Global Material Flows and Resource Productivity', a report that admits what ecologists have been saying for decades: resources are limited, human...

This is The People vs. Arctic Oil

Blog entry by Sune Scheller | 18 October, 2016 2 comments

A new wave of oil drilling threatens the Arctic - but today saw the start of the fight back. This morning a lawsuit was filed that could stop the expansion of this reckless industry northwards - but we need your help. This is...

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