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Politicians: Real Climate action now

Background - 21 December, 2007
From December 3-14, politicians from across the world will meet in Bali, Indonesia, for a vital UN climate change conference. We need urgent action to fight the climate crisis, so this meeting is crucial. Here are 3 things you can do now to help.
Join the global day of action on Dec 8. Update:  Big thanks to everyone who participated. Read about the events around the world.
Add your two-second video or animation to our around-the-world "message in a bottle" video calling for real action, which will be shown at the Bali conference. Contribute your clip!
Send a written message that we will fly together with thousands of other messages. Update: Submissions now closed ahead of delivery in Bali

Meeting background

If you want to know more about the meeting to which thousands of people will be jetting across the world here's the short version of what is a huge and complicated meeting:

Bali can't be "just another meeting". Global warming is now a global emergency. Governments must ensure there's route map to agreeing deep cuts in global greenhouse emissions. The challenges are to divert the energy juggernaut towards clean energy and to stop felling the world's forests for commodities such as palm oil.

But soft words don't move governments. Even on a problem as urgent as climate change where the survival of millions of people and countless species of animals and plants is in the balance. Not when trillion-dollar polluting industries and logging companies have highly-paid lobbyists. More

Want Bali in depth? Get it here:

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