Dear climate activist,

Last night the Danish Government invited heads of state from every nation on Earth to attend the Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December. More than a million of us have already made this demand through the tck tck tck campaign! Yet to date, only Gordon Brown (UK), Donald Tusk (Poland) and Jan Peter Balkenende (Netherlands) have said they’ll attend -- the rest have simply left the fate of our planet to their environment ministers.

Every head of state needs to go to Copenhagen and take personal responsibility for preventing catastrophic climate change. So we’re asking you and millions of people like you around the world to pick up the phone now and call your head of state.

If you get through, just ask them if your leader is going to accept the Danish Government's invitation to personally attend the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December. Make a record of who you speak to, what you’re told and leave a comment reporting back to us here. Ask them to register your request and pass it along to your leader.

Denmark has opened the door -- now we need to push.

One activist in London got through to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who spent three minutes on the phone with him and pledged to attend. Could you be the one to put your head of state on record?

One phone-call could change the world. So pick up the phone, and find out if it’s yours.

Your friends,
Team Climate

P.S. We can all be button-popping proud that Adam Vaughan of the Guardian said this about our campaign to get leaders to Copenhagen:

"These digital campaigners can already claim some success. When Gordon Brown announced on Sunday that he'd be attending Copenhagen – which is a meeting of environment ministers, not world leaders – more than a little credit belonged to Greenpeace and BeThatChange..."

Not a phone person? Sign our petition asking world leaders for a strong climate treaty.

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