There are officially enough videos on YouTube about the Canadian tar sands to warrant a 'top tar sands videos on YouTube' list. Here is the short version:

The animation sequence from H2Oil (put together by La Moustache) is at the top in two categories - 'Best tar sands animation' and 'Best at answering the question - what are the tar sands and why are they so bad?'. It is a really amazing animation on its own - but also provides a clear and visually compelling explanation of exactly how ridiculous and destructive tar sands development is. You must watch:

The Tar Sands Blow gets 'Best title' (self-explanatory) and also 'Best music' for its DJ Champion track, and after DJ Champion gets you all worked up about taking action - you can do just that: by signing a petition urging Canadian leaders to stop the tar sands.

Now while aerial shots are pretty common in videos about the tar sands (the tar sands developments in Northern Alberta are so massive that you really can't even begin to understand the scale unless you are in a plane or helicopter - or you are a satellite) - I'm going to have to give 'Best kickass aerial shots' to Tar Sands Mine Action. It is really kickass:

What other awesome environmentally focused YouTube videos are out there? Share them in the comments! They don't have to be tar sands specific - but if they are, there is still room for the 'top tar sands videos on YouTube list' to grow ...

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