Water Warrior Tool Kit 11+

Background - 2 June, 2010
World water worksheets and activities for students 11+.

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Water, water, everywhere

Learning activities to use in class. Students discover how little of the world’s water is safe to drink, how the Pearl river in China is polluted with toxics, and why it’s important to protect fresh water.
Learning Activity
Water Bodies Photo Set
Pearl River

Poisoning the Pearl

Learning activities to use in class. Students focus on how we use water, find out more about what’s going on in the Pearl, think about who’s responsible for pollution and dicsuss who can do something about it.
Learning Activity
Everything Needs Water! Photo Set
Pearl River Delta Map
Pearl River Photograph
What Could We Do About Toxic Pollution?
CNN on Pollution in Denim Industry
Who Is Responsible?

What’s Happening to the Chao Phraya?

Learning activities to use in class.
Learning Activity
Thailand Power Point

More for 11 +

Connecting the Dots | A worksheet with fun activities about China, water and pollution.
Projects and Activities for Your Class | Get stuck in with these creative activities.
Water Warrior Detectives! | Greenpeace campaigners have researched the Pearl River, collected water samples, and found shocking data. But they need students’ help to find which parts of a river are the most polluted by toxic chemicals, using real clues and data.
The Water Game | Students work in teams to explore how communities use water, and the effect they can have on it. Learning about how conflicts over limited resources can arise, this game will help generate discussion and debate. Based on China and Thailand. Certificate | Reward your Water Warriors with this Greenpeace certificate.