The problem

Industrial water pollution

Background - 28 October, 2009
Industrial pollution is currently out of control with factories around the world releasing hazardous chemicals that impact our precious water resources - causing long term devastation to human health and the environment.

Signs of industrial water pollution

Industrial pollution can often mean hazardous chemicals-out-of-control. Discharges or emissions come from manufacturing leak out from production-processes, they escape while the product is being used, or they are emitted after the product is thrown away as rubbish.

Many of the chemicals that are produced when goods are manufactured have intrinsic hazardous properties. They might be made on purpose or unintentionally, but most never would occur naturally. Hazardous chemicals can not be managed well enough by 'end-of-pipe' techniques, including common wastewater treatment plants. And many can do harm over a very long time and far from their source. They can travel long distances and they can accumulate along food chains, ultimately poisoning our own food supply.