The Brazilian President can stop this



Petition closed

Thank you for your support.  Millions of people like you contacted Brazilian President Dilma (via a joint Greenpeace, WWF and Avaaz effort), and asked her to veto the damaging new law.  You were heard and in the end President Dilma did issue a partial veto blocking 12 parts of the new law.

Our work to protect the Amazon continues and we need you to stay part of it.

Dilma: save the Amazon, veto the new Forest Code

One of our planets largest remaining rainforests is under threat from changes to the laws that govern forest protection in Brazil. The new Forest Code being proposed severely weakens protections for the Amazon rainforest and opens up vast areas to destruction, which would contribute to accelerating climate change.

But there is still time. Right now the only thing standing between the Amazon rainforest and destruction is Brazilian President Dilma. She can protect the Amazon by vetoing this new Forest Code. Send her a message now and let her know we all have a stake in protecting this amazing ecosystem.

Update: Brazil's parliament has passed the rotten reforms, and all eyes are on President Dilma now

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