Amazon Bulletin

Background - 18 April, 2008

The Amazon Bulletin, is a newsletter by Greenpeace bringing you the latest news about the moratorium on trading soya from newly deforested land in Brazil's Amazon rainforest.

In April 2006, Greenpeace published 'Eating up the Amazon', a report on its investigation into the links between soya in the supply chains of leading international companies and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

The report prompted an alliance of food producers, supermarkets and fast-food chains, along with Greenpeace and civil society organisations, to come together to call for change.

Responding to this pressure, the major soya traders operating in Brazil announced a moratorium on trading soya from newly deforested land in the Amazon, with effect from July 2006.

By producing this Amazon Bulletin, Greenpeace aims to keep the food and agribusiness sectors informed about the progress of the moratorium. It also hopes to encourage other companies to join the alliance and support its efforts to protect the Amazon.