Pulp and Paper

Background - 18 November, 2013
The largest single threat to responsible forest management in the pulp and paper sector in Indonesia comes from the deforestation activities of APRIL. APRIL is part of the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) group, controlled by the Indonesian business tycoon Sukanto Tanoto.

Asia Pulp & Paper’s Forest Conservation Policy


Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), and its associated plantation group SinarMas Forestry, were responsible for significant deforestation until in February 2013 APP introduced a Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). This policy includes an immediate end to the clearance of rainforests throughout its supply chain in Indonesia; early indications are that the company is making a serious effort to adhere to its FCP commitments. 

Our plan is to continue to monitor APP’s progress, but also to focus attention on APRIL, which relies heavily on rainforest destruction to meet its fibre needs – some 60,000 hectares a year at the last count.