Global Forest Rescue Station

Background - 8 October, 2007
The Global Forest Rescue Station (GFRS) is the base camp for marking the boundaries of the Kuni, Begwa and Pari tribal lands around Lake Murray, Western Province, Papua New Guinea.

Greenpeace Global Forest Rescue Station (GFRS) on the banks of Lake Murray.

The boundary marking of land in Lake Murray is at a critical phase with expanding numbers of clans seeking boundary marking and mapping of their lands.

The GFRS will allow an escalation of the boundary marking to work with local tribes controlling more than one million hectares of lands. This will be a model and inspiration to landowners throughout New Guinea Island.

The GFRS is positioned in Lake Murray as this is where we have been invited by local indigenous clans to work with them on programme of community solutions work. Greenpeace only works in PNG with the invitation and participation of the customary landowners.

Boundary marking and community solutions in Lake Murray will showcase the process of landowners taking control of their lands and taking the path of self-reliance and small-scale eco-enterprises rather than illegal and destructive logging or forest conversion for oil palm plantations.

The GFRS allows the communication of the power of landowners demarcating lands and seeking protection from logging, and will showcase ecoforestry as a viable alternative. We will be seeking greater recognition by governments and institutions of landowner needs and aspirations for control, use, and protection of their lands.

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